Reliance Technology Group

Mumbai, India

Reliance Technology Group

RIL was keen to establish a facility to integrate all the research and development activities taking place across the spectrum of its business.

ANA won the design competition and prepared the master plan and design for the 48 different super specialty labs, clean rooms and other support spaces. The design intent was to create a truly world class, future ready research infrastructure, which could be moulded to any future needs and emerging technologies.

Apart from the purely functional needs of the research, it was an important consideration, to create movement and meeting spaces in a way, that the scientists working in the building had occasions for chance meetings and social encounters. It was hoped, that interactions between the scientists and researchers working in the facility, would encourage collaborative work.

The 500,000 sq ft facility, was designed around a prismatic glass atrium that provides a welcoming entrance. The geometry of the atrium helps in sound attenuation as well as reduction of solar heat gain. The RCC buildings are designed with inbuilt EPS insulation, that provides a high degree of thermal efficiency. Intelligent control systems optimize the air-conditioning performance by linking it to fume hood sashes.

This building has been in successful operations since 2013.

5,05,720 sq ft
Project Type
Reliance Technology Group
Brief of the project
This laboratory complex, spread over half a million square feet, houses the research laboratories for all businesses of Reliance Industries, and the main National Operations Centre for their telecommunication company, Reliance Jio The laboratories are divided over three floors, each 6m high to ensure a 4.5 m false ceiling height, despite a heavy contingent of services required in this building.