Architecture Design

It is what we love to do, and, a way of life for us.

Our Architecture is not limited or dependent upon the typology of project, and the convention surrounding it.
We have brought joy in the design of boxy warehouses, and enjoyed the design development process of urban public spaces.
For us, the intent of the project performance is the germinating point, and the performance of the building for human good, its architectural end-of-journey.

The performance of buildings, for us, is not just their consumption of energy, but also their appropriateness for a geography, culture, function and economy. We consider buildings the physical manifestation of both aspiration and economic performance. Hence all our design decisions closely follow the sustainability for environment, for energy, for society and for economy.


Building Information Modelling

The use of this philosophy, allows our client to take informed control of the spatial and technological aspects early in the project.
Apart from the obvious benefits of cutting edge computation, and pre -construction coordination the process takes way orthographic drawing reading ability, as a critically prerequisite of participating in the a design process. The client organisation and all other stake holders, can read 3D drawings navigate the models in their own time and space, understand design intent, adjacency and limitations and most importantly, “own” the proposal before it goes into construction. The new web enabled management software also allow us to “be” on site, without the travel expense and exposure. Changes are easy to track, and, the intent and result can converge, in reality.

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