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Originally published at The Daily Pioneer | Read Here It is time that we struck a balance between ancient values and modern technology by investing in new ideas, says AMIN NAYYAR As an ever-evolving field, architecture and design continues to invite new talent and invest in new techniques to strengthen its reputation as one of the
Originally published on entrepreneur.com | Read Here The world is changing and the workplace is an indicator. During the early part of the century, an entirely different typology of employees/professionals emerged. Most companies were bewildered by the sheer difference in their approach to work and their expectations from the physical parameters of the workplace itself.
Orginally Published at BeginUp | Read Here Struggles to success can be best felt with the glimpse of the journey of the one-man army Mohd Amin Nayyar who began from the scratch to stand today as a most sought Architect and Designer. He began his ANA Design Studio Pvt Ltd/ as a ‘one-man’ enterprise in
Originally Published on Construction World By SHRIYAL SETHUMADHAVAN | Read Here We are living in an electronic age that has completely transformed architecture. Ideas, designs and plans are no more sketched but e-documented, and drawings are generated through the use of software. With India growing at a rapid pace, the potential of construction software to
In this day and age of continuous innovation, a workplace needs to be as advanced in its offerings as the work carried out inside it. An architect’s intent is to always exceed expectations and provide innovative designs to best use the space provided to them and fulfill the vision of the client. Having said that,
Designing functional buildings operating in high altitudes with an extremely cold climate is a challenge for even the most talented professionals. It requires in-depth knowledge of the area, the climate pattern, direction and amount of the sun’s rays, façade design, and etcetera; amongst a lot of other factors. For example, let us take into consideration
Originally Published on Silicon India | Read Here From the standpoint of human endeavor, urbanization is inevitable. It is vital for one to review and optimize the densities and energy required to make a workable city; incorporating the aspect of sustainability in the process of planning itself. One needs to utilize an integrated approach towards
Originally published By Sophia Rohtagi, Siliconindia | Read Here  |   Friday, August 10, 2018 The wave of rapid urbanization, luxurious living, and affordable housing is taking the real estate sector by its strides. The upshot of several policies like Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY), Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT), Real Estate (Regulation and Development)
The fast-paced and demanding world of today has given rise to advancements in sectors we could never have imagined a few years ago. Incorporating smart engineering with functional architectural designs is one of the most undervalued innovations falling in this category. Architects and structural engineers have designed energy-efficient workplaces that defy common understanding of the
When a common person envisions a building, they are likely to imagine a four-sided wall box. However, an energy minded owner or an architect looks at it from a completely different perspective of maximizing energy efficiency. In today’s day and age, science and innovation are a few of the greatest drivers towards intelligent technology. Internet
Originally Published on Enterpreneur India | Read Here | By Nidhi Singh Former Correspondent, Entrepreneur Asia-Pacific Failure is a part and parcel of an entrepreneurial life. And nowadays it’s a common sight to witness many startups shutting down due to lack of access to funding. But failure definitely isn’t the end of the world because there