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It has been a constant in our journey since 1996 till now…
It has taken on many forms, from “design-build” jobs, to project management and construction management.

This is the third pillar of our “integration” philosophy. It avoids the all too common loss in translation between the design intent, the client’s vision and the contracting teams priorities.
Projects which are “design-builld” usually are the closest to the design philosophy and usually also, the ones withe longest lasting relationships with our clients.

It permits the introduction of trial and the over coming of error in the system of building construction. The markets we serve (Indian Subcontinent/ Africa) often times need to deal with a lack of established system and a well developed eco system of vendors and specialist contractors.
Our ability and commitment to straddle the role of designer and construction manager, has allowed us to deliver lots of successful builds, including the integration of very frugal services design and elegant structural systems.

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Construction of Our Latest Project | New Plasser India

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NPI Construction
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NPI Construction

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