New Plasser India Phase 2

Tamping Unit & Administration Office

Location: Karjan, Vadodara, Gujarat
Client: Plasser India Pvt. Ltd.
Area: 1,44,000 sqft
Budget: 1,01,00,00,000 INR
Year: 2020 - 2022
Status: Ongoing

structural aspects

A grid of micro, undreamed piles are bored and floor mat of RCC, 350 mm thick is casted over them.

Conventional portal framed structure in PEB steel is erected over the same.

Piled foundations with a diaphragm raft, and, building moments countered by rigid mezzanine

Conventional portal frame with a central mezzanines, tubular secondary members upto 6 m, conventions GI Z purlins and girts in balance area and roof.


While the plan of the building is a relatively simple, linear structure, the performance needs of the building are extremely complex. The building is based on a series of interconnected cells, for various parts of the production process, and each cell, with a height of 9 meters, has a different air quality, temperature and humidity factor to be maintained. Keeping a balance between performance, insulation, air tightness, speed off construction, and cost was a tight rope walk, especially in 2020 during the Covid pandemic.

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