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Who We are

Work Harder | Care Deeply | Trust Implicitly

Sometimes, things don’t get done, because there are so many thoughts and ideas, that we don’t really know where to begin. Competence and opportunity allow us to keep moving forward, but its a bit like taking the slow train with interchanges, rather than the express. There are arguments (very valid ones) to the pros and cons of both.
And the genuine and visceral realization, that the journey is the destination, took a long time and COVID-19, to appear! 

This communication, therefore, is very partially about the technical competence and delivery models. We have been in business for 25 years, could simply not be possible, if we were delivering crummy stuff and didn’t really care.

25 years, millions of square feet, and 7 countries later, we chose three photographs, of non-buildings, to communicate who we are, what we do, and whether you would like to engage with us!

What We Offer

The quality of design and service we provide, is a given. No one will appreciate us, for the design or the service; that’s what we get paid for. However, how the entire client experience is curated. The way we interact with them, and made them feel during the process of delivery, is the key to our success and repeat business.

Architecture Design

It is what we love to do, and, a way of life for us.
Our Architecture is not limited or dependent upon the typology of project, and the convention surrounding it.


We follow a process of integration of our building services, at the concept itself. Services are not to be “fitted” into the design; rather, services “serve” the building performance and the building accepts them gracefully and seamlessly.


It’s been a constant in our journey since 1996
It has taken on many forms, from “design-build” jobs, to project management and construction management. 

Furniture Design | TimbreGrain

It’s a passion for being able to provide, for like minded people, furniture which is well designed, lovingly crafted and made available at an affordable price. Our joinery is traditional, and most pieces are put together without the use of any nails and screws.

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Process Industry

Retail & Commercial


Housing & Hospitality

High Performance Buildings

Research & Development Facilities

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8 Countries | 43 Cities | 25+ Years

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How we work

Our Philosophy


Allows our client to take informed control of the spatial and technological aspects early in the project.


Green to us, is not just the sight of lush leaves and forests


Making buildings “cost less”.. or “cheaper" is a mirage like concept in the industry.

Context Response

Never let the “soul” of a place be lost to the glossy inspiration in the magazine.

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