Month: April 2021

Kashmir University Administration Office Building Service

Integration of Architecture and Engineering Services

It is extremely important for buildings. It is something to do with not just human and individual commitment but with business commitment. When one works in a traditional structure where the architect is responsible for the space planning and envelope design of the building and other professionals who operate from a different corporation, are responsible …

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Building Architecture and Building Construction Services by ANA Design Studio Pvt. Ltd.

ANA Brand Promise

“Please do something simple….. we are not that rich…..” Or…. “budget is a constraint”… They want to work with us… we are most certainly not a “star” practice…They have seen or experienced our work and, most likely, been recommended by people who have worked with us earlier. It took me ages to realise, that it …

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New Plasser India Phase 1 Gujarat_0002 Industrial Architecture Engineering & Construction by ANA Design Studio Pvt. Ltd.

Intelligent Buildings

Probably one of those sexy misnomers, that not just accords undue “intelligence” to electronic chips, but rather, trivializes the role of the owner and designer in the appropriateness of design actions. Perhaps a better description would be : Building Owned by an Intelligent Owner!!! ( can’t think of a sexy adverb). Predominantly, failure of building …

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