MEP Services
Project Management

Architecture Design

While spatial planning and inherent aesthetics are bedrocks for any of our project, we take great pride in making our buildings and the communication of design intent lucid and unambiguous , through the extensive use of modelling tools and BIM.

Our strong user focus and the ability to understand and adapt to (sometimes) unstated positions, forms the basis of long and fruitful relationships with our clients. Whether it is highly service oriented laboratory spaces in India, healthcare and production facilities in West Asia or Planned Urban Spaces in Nigeria, we make every effort possible to understand the climatic, cultural and economic context of our buildings, and try to harmonise them in their context sustainably.

MEP Services

Mechanical, Engineering and Plumbing services encompassing Water supply and management, fire safety fixtures and HVAC systems are eccentric in defining a building. For sustainable and viable growth we provide 360 degree solutions assembling an array of energy efficient products, from less consumption light bulbs to solar panel roof tops. To make sure we achieve the set targets, our team of highly skilled engineers evaluate and compute each element of MEP design to deliver minute details.

Such details comprises of staircase layout ,fire safety fixture, electrical wiring and retrofitting, enabling our team to construct the building while keeping in mind the set MEP design layout. The eloquent mix of highly skilled workforce, design proficiency, technical expertise and exceptional project realization capabilities substantiate our outputs. Allowing us to embrace global opportunities and be the part of engineering marvels across the geographies.

Project Management

Here at ANA Design every team member believes in providing the customers with best fit solutions in accordance to their needs. By meticulously creating the project plan and evaluating it through extensive 3D imaging software like BIM and Revit, we aspire to create the most sumptuous and functional buildings. Our specialist management consultancy services are:

  • Project Initiation
  • Project planning and plotting
  • Evaluation of the plan
  • Implementing
  • Auxiliary plans
  • Execution of the project