ANA Design Studio Wins National Architecture & Interior Design Excellence Awards And Conference 2020

Top and Most Creative Architecture Firm of the Year 2020, India presented to ANA Design Studio Pvt. Ltd.

30 under 50 Best Architects 2020 presented to Mohd. Amin Nayyar

3 thoughts on “ANA Design Studio Wins National Architecture & Interior Design Excellence Awards And Conference 2020”

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  2. Interior design deeply impacts our lives by shaping the form and function of the spaces we inhabit daily. Beyond just aesthetics, interior designers carefully consider factors like spatial efficiency, ergonomics, acoustics, and sustainability to create spaces that facilitate and enhance our activities. Thoughtful interior design can improve productivity, mood, and overall wellbeing in homes, offices, healthcare facilities, restaurants, museums, and more. Interior designers also play a key role in reducing environmental impact by using sustainable materials and minimizing waste. Their work discretely but meaningfully influences our quality of life and connects us to our culture and values. We often take our spaces for granted, but they owe much to the invisible hand of talented interior designers.

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