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How are building costs related to building performance within the commercial real estate sector?

It begins with the site context. You may wonder how a building’s prospective site makes a difference in its performance? And in turn, how high performance leads to significant cost savings in the foreseeable future?

Sites for retail development are meant for high footfalls, overclocked run times, higher volumes of pedestrian vehicles, and located within dense urban settlements. So, high resource consumption and high carbon footprint. By analysing local climatic conditions and contextualizing building systems to maximize energy savings, your retail complex can be designed to minimize operational costs in the long run.

Building envelopes designed with energy efficient glazing and shading systems can significantly reduce the heat gain and in turn lower the internal conditioning load. Further layering of walls and roof panels can insulate the indoor environment from harsh outdoor conditions. With high performance envelopes, your retail real estate can significantly lower cost expenditure thus gaining a better ROI.

Let’s opt for passive means.
Passive means to active sustainability. Instead of bandaging negligent design decisions in the early stages of design, passive strategies offer a more climate conscious approach. By introducing trombe walls, radiant cooling panels, geothermal energy systems, and solar harvesting, we not only reduce the energy consumption and thereby cost of operation, but also reduce the overall carbon footprint.

Distilled building engineering systems. By avoiding oversized service spaces and equipment, adhering to safety factors, efficient location selection to avoid losses in distribution, and low resource consuming fixtures, energy savings can positively impact the overall CAPEX and OPEX of your retail complex.
Cost effective building materials and construction technology. Locally sourced to reduce cost of transportation. Modular in design. Prefabricated panels, slabs, parts, and equipment.

Dry construction practices. Performance of construction management processes. Project scheduling and budgeting in a streamlined and well-informed manner can significantly reduce the unprecedented expenditures on client’s end. Timely floating of tenders, onboarding of worthy contractors and managing the construction process becomes key in overall project cost.

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  1. I appreciate that you explained how the cost of the project as a whole depends on the timely floating of tenders, hiring of deserving contractors, and management of the construction process. I work as a teacher in a college department and our head is planning to build another building that’s why they are looking for Higher Education Building Design services. I’ll keep in mind to share this article with our head so he can have an idea about its process, thanks!

  2. Great read! Understanding the link between building costs and performance in commercial real estate is crucial. This blog sheds light on the key factors influencing this relationship. Clear and insightful explanations make it easy to grasp. Looking forward to more content like this!

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