Construction World Award – Stalwarts of the North 2022 to ANA Design Studio

We’ve got great news to celebrate!

Our consistent efforts towards strengthening the built environment are yet again recognized. All with the support of our trustworthy clients and hard working partners.

ANA Design Studio Pvt Ltd is awarded the prestigious “Construction World Award – Stalwarts of the North 2022”. The felicitation happened at the “CW Design Build Conclave and Awards” held on 11th of March 2022 in New Delhi.

This recognition goes out to all the team members of ANA, construction partners, consultants, contractors, advisors, architects, engineers, clients and everyone who’s been involved with ANA’s journey.

Our ability to deliver high performance buildings comes from the utmost trust vested by our clients. It is achieved through the passion of the people who work with us.

In the coming years, we hope to work with many more visionary clients, and continue to provide our exceptional services!

We extend our gratitude to Construction World Magazine for this recognition.  

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