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What are the major problems faced by the global commercial real estate industry in 2021?

Post COVID paradigm shift.

Digital disruption and extreme sensitivity towards health and well-being have gained maximum priority in the lives of billions across the globe. How does a retail investor or developer keep up with this changing landscape?

Your customers expect a seamless experience.

Right from attracting customers to offering them a memorable journey, how does one stand out from the competition? How do you understand and cater to their multicultural demands and aspirations?

Unprecedented changes in retail space.

It’s a big challenge to keep up with changing demands of neighborhood societies, political landscapes, climate change, business uncertainties, and disruptive pandemics. Amongst this, how do you plan for such fluid environments? How do you strategize for a future so unknown?

Disruptions in supply chain management.

Retailers are repurposing their strategies, planning inventories and logistics in a streamlined manner to meet the current demands. How does one project the growth and development in this industry? How do you tackle such disruptions from time to time?

The post COVID-19 global recession.

The economic crisis pushed back a lot of industries to rethink their expenditures, consumers to refrain from buying more than their needs, and sellers or investors to hesitate over investments and commitments. How do you cope up with these challenges? How can the economic cycle be reinstated?

Can efficient building design, planning and engineering help untangle some of these issues?

Efficient, Iterative and collaborative space planning

to ensure needs, demands and aspirations of all involved in the project. Your customer needs to experience an exciting journey. She’s not there to just shop, she’s there to create memories! Your spaces will play host to family parties, vacations, casual meet ups, and a lot more community life we’ve been missing out on lately.

Anchor hooks of building form and façade

to attract and retain customers by setting your retail complex as a landmark within the neighborhood. From the building façade design to its orientation and physical form, the overall visual experience plays a major role in reinforcing its identity.

Choice of building technology

in terms of structure, construction technology, material, and engineering systems. This not only saves tremendously on budget and schedule while providing high performance but also offers opportunities to accommodate the unforeseen changes in retail functions. Flexibility within efficiency is the key!

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