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Struggles to success can be best felt with the glimpse of the journey of the one-man army Mohd Amin Nayyar who began from the scratch to stand today as a most sought Architect and Designer. He began his ANA Design Studio Pvt Ltd/ as a ‘one-man’ enterprise in the year 1996, and from them there was no turning back but to fight struggles and emerge victorious.

Architect Nayyar is a Graduate from the School of Planning and Architecture and since 1996 he has been a master of his own career. He says

“For the first few years, the fledgling practice tried to scramble for work, with daytime hustling and night time drafting being the norm.”

In the year 2001, the studio got an important break, with DMRC. Being a progressive organization, they allowed ANA to bid for and henceforth they won their first design commission for buildings. The firm remained their consultants through Phase 1 and 2. They worked on many projects in the Rithala and Shahadra sections which gave them their first taste of working for a large organisation, and experience the importance of the process, procedures and being organized in a highly professional style. From there, ANA has grown into a full-service consulting company, offering design services for Architecture as well as MEP

The one-man army had good days ahead with his well-chosen team. They could build the trust of their clients. The move to include MEP in their portfolio, was a result of the clients that chose them and their services. The founder says,

“Being by nature ‘problem solvers’; we seem to find common cause with projects requiring multiple services and a high degree of performance.”

During the period of 2001 to 2010, ANA Design Studio worked on multiple projects with pharmaceutical and pathology laboratories and formulation facilities. It gave them a strong background in the understanding, design and coordination of services. It also allowed them to closely observe the gaps and opportunities between the architecture and structure design of buildings, and the coordination and performance of MEP systems.

The architect says,

“As a philosophy of work, we have always been conscious of working in a developing economy, where buildings and their services are, in 80% of the cases, the largest Capex and Opex for an investor. Therefore, money being spent on either the structure or building services, without it being thoroughly optimised, is, in our view, one of the biggest challenges of the industry.”

Their victory in the design competition for the RTG laboratory building gave them the right opportunity to expand their services and offer complete MEP solutions in-house. This integration of architecture and services allowed them to have much better control over the coordination of structure and services, and, more importantly, have a genuine system of value engineering, built into the process of design.

ANA is a complete service organisation, providing comprehensive design and consulting service for Architecture, MEP Engineering and Project Management, using a BIM platform.

The transparency of process and communication, allows the client to have visibility and control over the entire process. The ownership is with a single agency, so it not only speeds up decision making and progress, but is also instrumental in allowing projects to be delivered for less cost, and improved efficiency. Irrespective of the size of the project, they deliver all documentation as well as project implementation in BIM. This has resulted in them being able to work overseas as well. ANA Design Studio currently serve in India, Oman, Dubai and Nigeria. Apart from this, they have delivered projects in Myanmar, and, as a sub consultant, in Ireland too.

Indeed, great is their achievement working singlehandedly and offering trustworthy services. The various services ANA Design Studio provides are-

  • Architecture Design
  • Interior Design
  • Electrical Engineering
  • ELV Services
  • HVAC Engineering
  • Plumbing and Fire-fighting Services
  • Project Management
  • Building Information Modelling

The victorious Architect states,

“For us, each and every client is important and we learn something from each… With no specific order of precedence, we enjoyed projects with DMRC, University of Kashmir, Reliance Industries Ltd, KAT Aqua, Oman, DD Landmark Realty, Nigeria, Artee Group, Nigeria, Plasser and Theurer, Mahindra and Mahindra, Ranbaxy, amongst others.”

Further, he speaks about his Major Learnings:

“The quality of design and service we provide, is a given. No one will appreciate us, for the design or the service… that’s what we get paid for. However, thus, the entire client experience is curated…. The way we interact with them, and make them feel during the process of delivery, is the key to our success and repeat business.

There is NO SPACE for a design ego, the more I work, the more I feel I need to know, and the humbler I feel. Contrary to what anyone might say, in all humility, I admit that if I get a chance to re design the best buildings, we have built… I would do them differently, and improve upon them.”

Mr Nayyar opines that the richness of experience and the achievements that their clients have , is far  greater than them. He says,

“After all, they employ us. We must use each commission to give our best, but come away having learnt something from the people we work with.”

He suggests,

“There is no instant success in the practice of Architecture. Your photos looking good with great fragrance will not go viral. Learn to inculcate timelessness in your quest for professional satisfaction… much like the buildings we design.”

It is indeed the quest for success amidst struggles that built Mr Nayyar as a successful Entrepreneur, Architect and a Designer with a motto of bringing in perfections with every project they undertake.

 Beginup expresses high gratitude for sparing his precious time for us.

We wish him all the very best for all his future endeavours and for the successful growth of ANA Design Studio!

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